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Tahoe Volleyball Camps in Lake Tahoe, CA by Mike Welch

Tahoe Dog Gear: Rugged and fun dog collars, leashes, toys, and accessories built Truckee tough.

Peak Mile Stones Necklaces

Peak Volleyball Camps

Tahoe Dog Gear

Peak Mile Stones

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Tahoe inspired dog collars, leashes, and more
Milestone - theme necklaces
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Host a Peak Volleyball Camp at your site, or come to one of our great locations:

Lake Tahoe, CA (Tahoe City, CA)
Truckee, CA
Reno, NV
Boise, ID
Idaho Falls, ID
Berry College, GA
Satellite volleyball camps at your site
Private volleyball camps in Lake Tahoe

Camp Director Mike Welch
 was the USA Youth National Team Head Coach, and has 17 years experience as an NCAA Division I and II college head coach.  During that time, Mike awarded over $2 million in athletic scholarships, while leading teams to 267 wins, 6 nationally ranked seasons, 5 conference championships and conference tournament championships, 4 NCAA Tournament appearances, and 1 NIVC Tournament appearance.  His players received 2 All-American, 17 All-Region, 43 All-Conference, and 84 Academic All-Conference collegiate honorees.
Tahoe is a dog playground.  Get out and play.

Lake-proof, trail-proof, snow-proof, and whiff-proof dog collars, leashes, tags, and accessories built for the Tahoe dog lifestyle.

All woof and no whiff dog collars. TM

We will even give you a $5.00 rebate to take that old smelly collar off your dog!
Celebrate your milestones and wear your Mile Stones. Show your passion, commitment, and perseverance.  Peak Mile Stones are smooth stone-shaped necklaces that celebrate our passion and milestones.  Pictograph options for outdoor activities include running, biking, triathlon, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, volleyball, softball, sun, beach, snowflake, and Lake Tahoe themes.  Hand-crafted pewter in the USA. 

Many Peak Mile Stone designs have milestones on the flip side, including runner options of a heart, 26.2 or 13.1.  Triathlon flip side has 2.4-112-26.2, 1.2-56-13.1, or a heart. 

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